Fumbling Etiquette

It happens to everyone


Dear Miss Fine, What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in a formal situation? I’d like to feel better about that time I fell over at Royal Ascot and flashed my striped underwear to the world. As you are an expert, would you be so kind as to share a fewRead On >>

Love in the Time of Tinder

When Does a Lady Swipe?

iphone wedding photo

A tongue-in-cheek yet very important etiquette column Dear Miss Fine, Let’s talk about Tinder. It’s a dating phone app where one views a few photos of potential suitors and swipes “yes” or “no” if you like them or not. How would you approach this as such a fancy, refined lady? Who would you eliminate immediately?Read On >>

An American in England

Etiquette Advice from Miss J Fine

edith downton abbey

A tongue-in-cheek yet very important etiquette column Dear Miss J.Fine, I’m an American new to England. I know the stereotype of the loud, ugly American – but what are the lesser-known (but just as serious) faux pas that I should avoid? Does it really matter which way I pass the port? Signed, Scared of PoshRead On >>

A Dress Fit for the Queen

Regal Fashion Advice from Miss Fine

Kate Middleton garden party

Dear Miss Fine, It’s March and the daffodils are blooming, which means one thing is certain: sundresses and bare legs will be possible once more! However, I feel like a lady should always dress as if she could meet the Queen at a moment’s notice (future grandmothers-in-law are influential, after all). Any tips on howRead On >>

How To Act Around Prince Harry

Regal Advice from Miss Fine

Prince Harry, aka your future husband?

Dear Miss Fine, I’ve recently moved to London and while I know the odds are slim, I’d like advice on what happens if I do happen to find myself in the company of Prince Harry. What is the protocol for the situation? Do I have to bow to him? Will he give me a cheekRead On >>