Norse Apocalypse

We survived! Plus, free books!

Hey Guys!

We should all pat ourselves on the back and be very grateful that we have survived the Great Norse Apocalypse — in case you hadn’t heard, Norse folks predicted that the world would end last Saturday, on Feb 22. Legend had it that the god Odin would be killed by the wolf Fenrir, causing all hell to break loose: the stars would vanish and the sea and sky would be stained with poison.

But, THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Yet. So far, so good. Rejoice! The Norse Apocalypse also foretold the end of all summer and back-to-back winters.

However, I have proof that spring has sprung early.

Exhibit A:
daffodil small










This lone daffodil bloomed overnight, out of our garden box that we have never tended to. This is a miracle unto itself.

And Exhibit B:
tree small










Last week, this tree went crazy celebrating the arrival of early spring by sprouting a million white blossoms. It failed to check with the brown, bare tree next to it, which is still very dead.

Either way, these are all very good signs,  as it’s not even March yet. I’d be sad if I never got to walk outside again without having to wear a coat that is so big and puffy that Rachel calls it my “sleeping bag coat.” (Rude, but I put up with it. She has a white sweater that just looks like one big tube and I say nothing about it.)

The other great news is that you can get GRADUATES IN WONDERLAND for free! Goodreads is hosting a giveaway — 50 copies of our galleys are up for grabs! If you sign up and win, this means you will know all of our intimate secrets and adventures before anyone else does!

You’ll also get to see some typos, which is always very exciting. And don’t forget to also add it to your “Want to Read” list! There’s a really weird story in the book about a rural chicken, and I don’t want you to miss that.

I feel like I should sign off after delivering such good news, so here it goes: