Pioneer Apple Pie

Another Throwback to Little House on the Prairie

We baked an apple pie for Almanzo Wilder’s birthday over at The Hairpin. We hope you like it, but be warned: the pie crust contains lard.  

Paris Vs. New York, Round 2

Winter Delights or Snow Disasters

PARIS Snow in Paris is rare, but when it happens, it’s magical. You get a light dusting; anything more than that, as this postcard probably implies (“Five centimeters and it’s panic”) and things shut down. Buses take forever to come, it’s slippery inside everywhere, and everyone declares that this is the “coldest winter Paris hasRead On >>

Bookshelf Portraits

The Embarrassing Edition

I came across a bookshelf at Rachel’s apartment and had to photograph it because it was too good to be true. It perfectly captured many aspects of her personality and passions in all the ways that they differ from mine. I also laughed out loud when I spotted the book, “Horse Heaven.” What kind ofRead On >>