Norse Apocalypse

We survived! Plus, free books!

Hey Guys! We should all pat ourselves on the back and be very grateful that we have survived the Great Norse Apocalypse — in case you hadn’t heard, Norse folks predicted that the world would end last Saturday, on Feb 22. Legend had it that the god Odin would be killed by the wolf Fenrir,Read On >>

The Story of an International Entrepreneur

From China to France to the UK

This is the part of our ongoing series in which we interview people who have interesting jobs and and get them to tell us how they landed them. They will also reveal how they handled the transition to the real world after graduation — Siqing (rhymes with cha-ching!) is fluent in English, French and Mandarin, runs herRead On >>

Wildlife in London

Small, Medium and Large

Spotted this guy eating a nut, but my presence frazzled him, so he dropped it. This is also the same squirrel that likes to scare the living daylights out of me when I’m running, so I consider this revenge.* And later that day, RIGHT next to SHERLOCK HOLMES’ APARTMENT on Baker Street, I spotted thisRead On >>

Best Running Songs Ever

It Will Make You Actually Enjoy Running

What is the best running playlist in the world? Tried-and-tested answer below — 1. RILL RILL by Treats. Sometimes you need a song that will make you feel like you are starring in your own music video rather than lumbering around in sneakers and tights. You need a song to transport you out of theRead On >>

Eat an (Chocolate) Orange for CNY

A delicious financial solution

It’s still Chinese New Year, which means we are still eating to positively influence our destinies.  Mandarin oranges symbolize the sun and their vibrant color is associated with wealth and prosperity. Personally, I prefer Terry’s Chocolate oranges, because they are delicious. What, you don’t know what a Terry’s chocolate orange is? You haven’t had theRead On >>

Happy Chinese New Year!

AKA Time To Stuff Your Face Full of Dumplings

A few years ago at college, Rachel told me that I should have my own cooking show called “Just Add a Cup of Boiled Water.” In the show, I would showcase all of my most advanced recipes: hot chocolate, instant coffee, ramen noodles and macaroni & cheese. Just add a cup of hot water! Stir.Read On >>

Noodles Will Bring Us Together

But Football Will Tear Us Apart

Sometimes when my friend Jessica W. (confusing for everyone but us) is really busy at Mama Wang’s, her Chinese food stall in King’s Cross, she enlists me to help out during the lunch traffic rush. My official title (self-given) is “Noodle Girl.” Jessica W. is Noodle Queen (real name). She hand-pulls the elastic dough, bangsRead On >>

Very Important Christening Etiquette FYI

According to Debrett's, Of Course

A good friend of mine is attending a christening in England today. She panicked about the protocol at such an event and sent me a link from the expert etiquette guide, Debrett’s. She wrote, “According to Debrett’s, I have to ‘radiate effusive excitement‘ about the baby.” She sent the link 10 days ago, but nowRead On >>

Paris Vs. New York

The sweet treat round

Rachel’s currently on the Eurostar headed to Paris, so I’m posting this as a slight protest that I am not on my way to stuff my face full of delicious croissants, macarons (not to be confused with macaroons), and creme brulee. Also, I love this postcard that “someone special” gave Rachel: it reminds me ofRead On >>

Top 10 in Melbourne, Australia

The Paris of the Southern Hemisphere

Right after I finished taking my last final before winter break during my junior year at Brown, I stepped out of Sayles Hall. It was snowing heavily as I walked across the Main Green, and I spotted a guy from my dorm, bundled up in a puffy jacket and gloves. I shouted, “SEE YOU INRead On >>