Lily Allen & Me

We're the same age, how is this possible?

mouthy Lily AllenGuys! Last month, I interviewed LILY ALLEN for a cover story for a magazine! I’ve loved her music since she appeared on the music scene in 2006, so it was quite surreal to have tea with her inside Claridge’s Hotel in London.

Lily Observations:

# 1 – she looks so familiar, so it felt totally natural, like we were just friends chatting
# 2 – she wasn’t scary
# 3 – she wore a navy T-shirt, a Chanel necklace, skinny jeans and heels. Her hair was swept up (I know you wanted to know)
# 4 – she had long, pointy black and white nails
# 5 – we spoke very briefly about my forthcoming book, in which she laughed a lot and asked “Is it about your vagina?” before laughing and nearly falling out of the restaurant booth
# 6 – therefore, I love her

Sheezus is out May 5. So is our book, Graduates in Wonderland. Coincidence? I think not.

For the FULL story of meeting Lily (my own take on it, not the real article), click here.