The Story of Our Book

An Informal Dialogue

The good people over at Book Country asked us to interview each other about our forthcoming book, Graduates in Wonderland.

jess and rachel graduates in wonderland

In which Jess says something so hilarious Rachel can’t keep her eyes open

Here’s a snippet:

Rachel: Do you remember the night of our graduation from Brown?

Jess: Uh, yes. Obviously. I wasn’t that drunk and we’ve only just turned 29.

Rachel: Okay, prove it. What do you remember about the pact we made that night?

Jess: We were sitting on the back steps of the house we lived in with our friends in Providence on Governor St. I think it was raining and it was really late – everyone else had already gone to bed or they were still out. And you and I were sitting outside under the awning…

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