Wildlife in London

An Ongoing Series


Look what I stumbled upon. A part-bear, part-dog animal just quietly sleeping in the doorway of a shop. It took every ounce of my self-control to not pet this dog. I told myself, “Let sleeping dogs lie,” or something.


Dog doorstop

I wanted to ask, “How much is that bear in the doorway? The one with the huge furry bear-face?” I have a weakness for big dogs and the more closely they resemble bears, the more I like them. But I resisted disturbing him (I assume it’s a him. If I misgendered this dog, I apologize).

Also, let it be noted that the British aren’t as forthcoming with letting strangers pet their dogs as Americans are. Why, though? You see me lunging towards the puppy — just let me pet the puppy.

This is the first installment of wildlife found in London.