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The Graduates

The night before our graduation from Brown University, we made a pact: to write no holds barred, honest accounts of our lives once a week, no matter what.  A month later, Jess flew to Beijing and Rachel moved to New York (and later Paris).  Many jobs, many mistakes, and many loves later, our joint storyRead On >>

Make Paris Yours

A guide to experiences you need to have in the city

Paris is a tricky, slippery little city. It can be like a grandmother: gorgeous,  bedecked in jewels and richness. Or it can be like a punk-ass teenager: dirty, assuming attitudes, out until dawn. It can be a scholarly middle-aged man, going to the same cafes and perpetually reading the same books; it can be aRead On >>

Maybe She’s Born With It (Nope)

Old Hollywood Beauty Tricks

I know what you’re thinking when you’re watching Girls. You’re sitting in front of your laptop or television, eating a bowl of cereal and watching Hannah and Marnie argue. You watch Jessa ruin another man’s life and then you ask yourself: “Who was the Lena Dunham of the 1930s?” Common question. Well, we’re here to tellRead On >>