Gilmore Girls Movie?

and 26 signs that prove you, too, are a Gilmore Girl

Your best friends, and ours, too

In case you were wondering about the best thing that’s ever happened to us, it was when Gilmore Girls creator, writer and producer, Amy Sherman-Palladino called us up and told us she loved Graduates in Wonderland and wanted to make our book into a movie. Okay, so that’s not technically a GG movie, but itRead On >>

Lizzy Caplan Cover Story!

(or things I found while procrastinating on my Lizzy Caplan article)

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 1.52.02 AM

“I like to collect things. I’m good at it” — As “research” for my cover article about the beautiful Lizzy Caplan (star of Masters of Sex and previously known as playing Janis Ian from Mean Girls), I came across this short funny video of an artistically shot “Fashion Film” spoof by Matthew Frost starring theRead On >>

Night Tunes

The Insomniac's Playlist

ed sheeran ellie goulding song

It’s 2am and my neighbors in London are blasting the same song over and over again. I’d complain, but I think I kind of love this song. I hadn’t heard it until now, but after googling the lyrics (the walls are paper thin), I’ve discovered it’s this song by Ed Sheeran: Don’t by Ed SheeranRead On >>

A Nut Tart from the Roman Era

Baking from a Bygone Era

ingredients roman hairpin

Hello! I’m currently in Tuscany, where it is beautiful and warm and sunny, but also ripe with snags that I’ve taken to (obnoxiously) calling #tuscanyproblems such as having no hot water, going to various restaurants and grocery stores only to find they are closed just as we need them and getting constantly lost on windyRead On >>

How to Do London Like a Local

our top ten tips

london eye graduates in wonderland

You already know London. Everyone knows some part of London, and everyone has their own ideas about what it is — based on traveling, studying abroad, living here, or even too many viewings of Notting Hill or Sherlock Holmes. But, saying that you know London is like saying you know the United States — theRead On >>

Greta Garbo’s Advice

Hollywood Icons Solve Your Problems

greta garbo advice

Ever wondered how to handle job promotions, flirtations with married men and making friends? Greta Garbo has the answers of course (just look at her). Here’s my (her) Hollywood Advice Column at Vanity Fair.  

Prepare Nothing When You Move Abroad

Five Reasons To Just Go


“Don’t rest all of your life expectations on one outcome. When you have no expectations, you don’t lose all that money on wasted ribbons and polo shirts. I flew to Beijing without knowing a thing about what to expect or what to bring. Granted, I also had to live without deodorant and the correct prescriptionRead On >>

The 11 Different Kinds Of Paris Lights

And How They'll Make You Feel

paris lights 2

While we were in America, we wrote a lot of articles so we’ll be reposting them here! Here’s one of our favorites, from Rachel, about the different kinds of lights you’ll find in Paris (originally posted on Thought Catalog and Huffington Post) -  image – Hervé BRY One of my favorite emotions is pre-emptive nostalgia –Read On >>

Fumbling Etiquette

It happens to everyone


Dear Miss Fine, What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in a formal situation? I’d like to feel better about that time I fell over at Royal Ascot and flashed my striped underwear to the world. As you are an expert, would you be so kind as to share a fewRead On >>

I Wrote Five Failed Novels


careful or you'll end up in my novel sign

While we were in America, we wrote a lot of articles so we’ll be reposting them here! Here’s one of our favorites, from Rachel, about the pressure to succeed when young and our childhood dreams (originally posted on Huffington Post): My father was almost the next Great American Novelist. That’s what the readers wrote onRead On >>