Lily Allen & Me

We're the same age, how is this possible?

mouthy Lily Allen

Guys! Last month, I interviewed LILY ALLEN for a cover story for a magazine! I’ve loved her music since she appeared on the music scene in 2006, so it was quite surreal to have tea with her inside Claridge’s Hotel in London. Lily Observations: # 1 – she looks so familiar, so it felt totallyRead On >>

Simple Spring Salad with Halloumi

So Easy Even We Could Make It

simple salad ingredients

Spring is here! To me, it’s time for salad: there’s nothing better than fresh, crunchy veggies after months of eating carbs, meat, soup and cheese. But let’s face it – any time of year is perfect for cheese, and my favorite salads often include it as a bit of a cheat. Paired with the powerhouseRead On >>

Marathon Man

Paris vs. London (New York was disqualified due to weather)

pause go postcard

I had the pleasure of watching Cooky run the Paris marathon last April — and what a pleasure it was. It was early enough that drunk Parisians who had not yet made it to bed stood on the sidelines shouting with me. Just me and a bunch of drunk old French guys, who were veryRead On >>


Shot in Paris and Beijing

Graduates in Wonderland Paris screenshot

Our book trailer, filmed in Beijing and Paris, and put together by our good friend Qiao Li. More about the making of it later – for now – enjoy! We hope you like it!!! Love these screenshots:  

Paris vs. New York: The Dog Round

The Hounds of New York Vs. The Pooches of Paris

dogs postcard

When Rachel saw this postcard, she immediately began questioning her French, because she only knows the above French phrase “une crotte” as, well, a dog’s mess (pardon our French). Either way, it did bring back memories of living in Paris. Our good friend from college just got a puppy and we’re too jealous to evenRead On >>

How a Hotel Concierge’s Blog Went Viral

An aspiring TV writer finally gets a big break

Todd Political Subversities

This is the part of our ongoing series in which we interview people who have interesting jobs and get them to tell us how they landed them. They will also reveal how they handled the transition to the real world after graduation — Todd Briscoe and I went to the same high school in Texas. (He wasRead On >>

That Time I Worked At A Toothbrush Factory

The weirdest job I ever had

toothbrush hello kitty aliexpress

This is part of our ongoing series of the worst/weirdest jobs — When I was in college, I spent about a year working at a toothbrush factory. At least, that’s what I called it. I was actually a graphic designer, designing the pieces that go on the end of electric toothbrushes – like I wouldRead On >>


Sorry We Can't Talk, Our Mouths Are Full of Cake

madeleines proust tea

Sometimes nothing will do but the perfect treat – a hybrid of cake and cookie that is also a French institution and the most literary of the cake/cookies (thanks to Marcel Proust). Madeleines are perfect as a last-minute treats – you’re likely to have all of these ingredients in your pantry and, if not, youRead On >>