The Graduates

The night before our graduation from Brown University, we made a pact: to write no holds barred, honest accounts of our lives once a week, no matter what.  A month later, Jess flew to Beijing and Rachel moved to New York (and later Paris).  Many jobs, many mistakes, and many loves later, our joint story emerges in Graduates in Wonderland, published by Gotham (Penguin Group USA). It’s out TODAY!!!! You can pick it up in bookstores or order it online!

For most, college is a warm fuzzy place and then, four years later, we’re kicked out into the cold, harsh world – fledglings with no real skills except how to write essays on literary theory, pull all-nighters and subsist merely on black coffee and our roommate’s baked goods.

We remember the day we graduated and feeling a bit lost. We remember frantically googling “jobs for recent graduates” to “What to do after college, no job???” and “what is a consultant???” to eventually “no money, no job, ideas??”  We’ve survived (so far) and we’ve grown marginally wiser. And so, this blog was born. Here you’ll find job advice, tales from the post-grad life, strange interviews we’ve conducted, British traditions investigated, and various travel tips from foreign lands.

And we’d also love to hear from you and publish them here, too! We’re collecting tales of the worst jobs ever, outlandish ways you’ve landed jobs, and various stories of living abroad. Look out for our wildlife in London series, Rachel’s “Old Hollywood Beauty Tips“, an etiquette column by THE Ms. Jerramy Fine, our series of Top 10 Travel Tips in various cities and countries and much much more. We’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at graduatesinwonderland at gmail dot com. Welcome!

And if you’ve read the book, we’ll also keep you up-to-date on the rest of our story from London…

Jess and Rachel

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