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The night before our graduation from Brown University, we made a pact: to write no holds barred, honest accounts of our lives once a week, no matter what.  A month later, Jess flew to Beijing and Rachel moved to New York.  Many jobs, many mistakes, and many loves later, our joint story emerges in Graduates in Wonderland, published by Gotham (Penguin Group). It’s out now!

We think it’s the kind of book anyone who has found themselves searching for the right career, the right partner or even the right country would enjoy (plus there are so many strange stories from Beijing, Paris and Australia buried within our letters). And it’s not just for recent grads (despite the title) — it’s a story of love, discovery, heartbreak and finding comfort in your friends (even when they are 5,000 miles away).

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Also! Want to see our book trailer?!?!?!? It was filmed in Beijing and Paris (with the help of lots of friends). We hope you like it!


Recommended by Jennifer Weiner in her Top Ten Beach Reads for this summer  – USA Weekend

“This book will take me back to those days when everything was possible” – Jennifer Weiner, author of All Fall Down and In Her Shoes

“Totally addictive” – BUST magazine

Graduates in Wonderland was a gem of a find. Reading through it (and it goes by fast) is a kind of hybrid between the most amazing nostalgia spiral and a very satisfying session of eavesdropping (extensively) on friendly strangers” – Refinery29

“The book is full of witty descriptions and cultural observations, capturing not just a picture of twentysomething life but also a sense of the time” – The Hairpin

“Life is hard after graduation. These two BFFs get it” – COSMOPOLITAN

“Told in two genuinely winning voices, the book presents a unique view of what it means to come of age as educated females in the chaos of a modern transnational world. Young women just starting out on their own “adventures in wonderland” will find it especially appealing. ” – KIRKUS REVIEWS

“I loved Graduates in Wonderland. It made me nostalgic for the uncertainty and excitement and seemingly endless possibilities of the post-college years. The first thing I did after reading it was pour my heart out–via email, of course–to my best friend.”
Rachel BertscheNew York Times bestselling author of MWF Seeking BFF

“I knew from page 8, on which one of the authors ends a letter with a piece of brutally honest advice about the other’s crush, that I would love Graduates in Wonderland. Theirs is a best friendship I find as complex, challenging, and deeply intimate as my own—the type of dynamic, all-consuming female friendship story that is as common as it is under-told. Jess and Rachel are smart, funny, and wise, and it’s a pleasure to be like a fly in their emails, if that were a thing.”
Katie Heaney, author of Never Have I Ever

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