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Our book is our emails from Beijing to New York, Paris to Beijing, Melbourne to London. But that was before we knew you – and now we want you to be a part of our emails! Get a round-up of our favorite things, what we’re up to, and travel tips, plus any ridiculous wisdom that’s currentlyRead On >>

Make Paris Yours

A guide to experiences you need to have in the city

Paris is a tricky, slippery little city. It can be like a grandmother: gorgeous,  bedecked in jewels and richness. Or it can be like a punk-ass teenager: dirty, assuming attitudes, out until dawn. It can be a scholarly middle-aged man, going to the same cafes and perpetually reading the same books; it can be aRead On >>

Top 10 in Melbourne, Australia

The Paris of the Southern Hemisphere

Right after I finished taking my last final before winter break during my junior year at Brown, I stepped out of Sayles Hall. It was snowing heavily as I walked across the Main Green, and I spotted a guy from my dorm, bundled up in a puffy jacket and gloves. I shouted, “SEE YOU INRead On >>


The Graduates

The night before our graduation from Brown University, we made a pact: to write no holds barred, honest accounts of our lives once a week, no matter what.  A month later, Jess flew to Beijing and Rachel moved to New York (and later Paris).  Many jobs, many mistakes, and many loves later, our joint storyRead On >>