Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want To Come book by Jess out now!

Nigella Lawson said "I loved it!" so what are you waiting for?


I love all of my children equally! The American one on the left is messy, loud, optimistic, sassy and uses the letter z far more often. The British one on the right is more subdued, wittier, has a better grasp of European history, often judges the louder American one. I’m sad to report that as today is their book birthday, they are both GEMINIS!!! I know, I’m surprised, too. But I still love them. SORRY I’M LATE, I DIDN’T WANT TO COME is out TODAY in the USA and the UK. ⁣

Do I want you to buy and read it? Yes, yes I do. It’s about the price of one fancy brunch except it lasts foreverrrr. For one brunch, you could have this BOOK. WOW! A whole book!!

It’s about the year I spent: talking to strangers, performing stand-up comedy, traveling solo, trying out improv, going on friend dates and doing a bunch of extrovert-y things.  It’s about being an introvert and trying to extrovert for a full year.

There is a bunch of humiliating stuff in here! Me confessing all my secrets to handsome stranger. Me having to perform stand-up comedy. Me accosting innocent strangers and making them talk to me. Me on blind friend dates! Me nearly dying in the woods. And if you get tired of me, I get trained by a charisma coach, interview psychologists, get on a plane headed abroad NOT KNOWING WHAT COUNTRY IT IS GOING TO LAND IN. There is crying, there is laughter, there is (bad) singing, there is a wild animal encounter, there is a surprise appearance by NIGELLA LAWSON. ⁣

I also get help along the way from Dolly Alderton, Emma Gannon, Rachel Bertsche, Sara Barron, David Litt, Daisy Buchanan and more geniuses!⁣

The book also covers loneliness, making new friends as an adult and addresses questions like: can you change your personality or is it fixed? What can be learned by living like a completely different person to the one you are for a year? And what are the best ways to connect with new people? Can you physically die of embarrassment? Why couldn’t I make the icing straight on that cake that’s on the American cover even though I tried 15 times? No, really, why does that cake still look so messy?? ⁣

Here is my book. Look, I like brunch, too. On certain days, I too might pick brunch over my book. But that day is not today. ⁣

I hope you like it. Take photos of it near coffee / dogs / cats / succulents and tag me? I eat that stuff up. (I’m @jessypanpan on Instagram)



Order the USA version in paperback or e-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Apple, or on audiobook (the cover with the messy cake, frosted badly by me).
The UK version is available in hardback: order at Amazon, Waterstones, Hive, or the audio book at Audible UK (the cover with the speech bubble).
And Australia links here (it’s out June 4 in Australia but you can pre-order!)
And it’s out in Holland on June 11!