Bake These Tarts, Bag Your Own Tyrannical King

(includes gluten because kings love gluten)

If you’re always a bridesmaid, never a bride, don’t fret. Attracting the perfect mate is time-consuming and difficult in the best of times. But there’s an easier way, and it dates back to the 16th century. If you’ve been watching Wolf Hall and want that really joyful time in history to be your reality, then this is the recipe for you!

Close up Maid of Honor TartsTo ensnare a royal husband, take a leaf out of Anne Boleyn’s rulebook. In 1526, she was a lowly attendant to various queens until, allegedly, in the company of King Henry VIII, she served a certain tart that was so delicious and succulent that it literally bewitched him. So moist and delicious were these tarts that he left his first wife Catherine of Aragon, renounced the Roman Catholic Church and made Anne his queen, despite everyone else calling her “the great whore.” And they’re tasty, too!

The rest of the recipe can be found at The Toast.