THE BALLERINAS, Rachel’s novel, is out now!

The New York Times called it irresistible and thrilling AHHHHHHH

Did you read GRADUATES IN WONDERLAND and wonder if I was ever going to publish that novel that I wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote while emailing Jess from New York and Paris? Well, there’s no meet-cute-British-duke-romance in it, but my debut novel, THE BALLERINAS, is out TODAY! The novel is about Delphine, a 30-something choreographerRead On >>

Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want To Come book by Jess out now!

Nigella Lawson said "I loved it!" so what are you waiting for?

  I love all of my children equally! The American one on the left is messy, loud, optimistic, sassy and uses the letter z far more often. The British one on the right is more subdued, wittier, has a better grasp of European history, often judges the louder American one. I’m sad to report thatRead On >>

New book from Jess – out in May 2019!

Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come

sorry i'm late i didn't want to come

Hello!! Jess here! Some updates since Graduates in Wonderland ended: Rachel moved back to Paris! I’m visiting her TOMORROW via the Eurostar and I will be sleeping on her sofa. I still live in London! I’m still with Sam Singer! I still really like him so it looks like this just might stick! And IRead On >>

I met David Sedaris

Read about it in our first Tiny Letter Newsletter

About ten years ago, I got a letter in the mail when I was living in Australia (the first time). I opened it and all it said was, “I’m so sorry I missed you. – David.” That was it. No other evidence of who it was, except that the return address on the envelope was fromRead On >>

The Graduates on the new Gilmore Girls

we could remain silent no longer

So we know this is super-late, but cut us some slack—they took ten years to get back on the air, we can take a few weeks to process. Of course, we’re talking about the Gilmore Girls re-boot. Gilmore Girls, after all, is so important to us that we used to sneak into the apartment upstairsRead On >>

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Our book is our emails from Beijing to New York, Paris to Beijing, Melbourne to London. But that was before we knew you – and now we want you to be a part of our emails! Get a round-up of our favorite things, what we’re up to, and travel tips, plus any ridiculous wisdom that’s currentlyRead On >>

Michael Phelps and I Have A Lot in Common

But seriously, cupping is terrible

Finally. An excuse to write about Michael Phelps. I wrote about cupping in GRADUATES IN WONDERLAND, because it was possibly the most terrible experience of my life. Here’s an excerpt in my letter from Beijing to Rachel in New York: Anyway, we actually lost a little bit of time together because I got sick. It’sRead On >>

Elves f**k and have better clothes than you

Elf School

  I went to elf school in Iceland and wrote about it for Jezebel: “Every time I see a local ripping off a tourist for some ‘authentic’ experience, I think, ‘Who the hell is going to fall for that?’” Dylan, my ex-roommate, remarked a few months ago over breakfast. “And then I think, ‘Oh wait.Read On >>

Kate Bolick “Spinster” Profile

All by myself: How single women are redefining 'spinsterhood'

When I (Jess) was back home in Texas this summer, I picked up “Spinster” by Kate Bolick at Barnes and Noble, even though I’m not really the target audience. I’d read compelling reviews and wanted to know what the fuss was about. I ended up reading this on the plane back to London – andRead On >>

Bake These Tarts, Bag Your Own Tyrannical King

(includes gluten because kings love gluten)

If you’re always a bridesmaid, never a bride, don’t fret. Attracting the perfect mate is time-consuming and difficult in the best of times. But there’s an easier way, and it dates back to the 16th century. If you’ve been watching Wolf Hall and want that really joyful time in history to be your reality, then this is theRead On >>