THE BALLERINAS, Rachel’s novel, is out now!

The New York Times called it irresistible and thrilling AHHHHHHH

Did you read GRADUATES IN WONDERLAND and wonder if I was ever going to publish that novel that I wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote while emailing Jess from New York and Paris? Well, there’s no meet-cute-British-duke-romance in it, but my debut novel, THE BALLERINAS, is out TODAY!

The novel is about Delphine, a 30-something choreographer returning to Paris.  As she reunites with old friends, deep secrets start to emerge, threatening to destroy everything and everyone at the Paris Opera.

I still live in Paris and I trained as a dancer in my teens—so both of these subjects are incredibly close to my heart.

Paris! Dancing! Sex with hot ballet boys! What more could you want?

I hope that you love it—let me know what you think on Instagram (@rachelkapelkedale)!

Here are some early reviews:

“A stunner of a novel.” ––Andrea Bartz, author of We Were Never Here

“A twirling dream of a story.”––Araminta Hall, author of Our Kind of Cruelty

“Hypnotic, electrifying, and propulsive.” ––Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, bestselling author of The Girls Are All So Nice Here

“[A] searing exploration of bodily autonomy, friendship, memory and loss.” ––Ella Berman, author of The Comeback

“A novel filled with grace and strength.” ––Ellen O’Connell Whittet, author of What You Become in Flight

“Engrossing, deft and insightful.” ––Cathy Marie Buchanan, New York Times bestselling author of The Painted Girls and Daughter of Black Lake 

“A sharp exploration of bodies, art, and agency.” ––Emily Layden, author of All Girls

You can get the book here and the audiobook here!



P.S. Jess is still in London, I’m in Paris and we are reuniting this week after TWO YEARS APART to celebrate the book launch of Ballerinas! AHHHHHH!