Elves f**k and have better clothes than you

Elf School

  I went to elf school in Iceland and wrote about it for Jezebel: “Every time I see a local ripping off a tourist for some ‘authentic’ experience, I think, ‘Who the hell is going to fall for that?’” Dylan, my ex-roommate, remarked a few months ago over breakfast. “And then I think, ‘Oh wait.Read On >>

A Nut Tart from the Roman Era

Baking from a Bygone Era

Hello! I’m currently in Tuscany, where it is beautiful and warm and sunny, but also ripe with snags that I’ve taken to (obnoxiously) calling #tuscanyproblems such as having no hot water, going to various restaurants and grocery stores only to find they are closed just as we need them and getting constantly lost on windyRead On >>

Five Days in Barcelona

beautiful architecture, white beaches and perfect weather

I flew to Barcelona last Thursday to spend a few days with my friend Susanna (we go all the way back to high school). Here are some snapshots (more to come):

“I Was Always In Search of an Adventure”

An International Explorer Talks About His Career Path

This is the part of our ongoing series in which we interview people who have interesting jobs and get them to tell us how they landed them. They will also reveal how they handled the transition to the real world after graduation — Scott Nelson lived upstairs from us our senior year at Brown. When I finallyRead On >>