English Wildlife

Looking for bunnies

We took a daytrip to Lewes, a tiny village about an hour train ride outside London. All I wanted from the excursion was to find and pet a bunny. It’s Easter – is that so much to ask for (asks the Chinese Jew)?

Instead, we went for a hike here:

english countryside cows


I tread a bit closer…

archetype cow photo innit

What. A. Poser.

Came across some “history”

thomas paine plague

History, etc etc – America! Yay!

And some old English gentleman playing lawn bowls…

lawn bowls LewesAnd then, I spotted this guy…

easter bunny rabbitAt first, I thought he was a hamster, but he seemed to hop and have a bunny tail. The pet store guy was wielding a snake around when I asked him if I could hold the bunny –


(the best way to hold a bunny is by squatting while teetering on your toes)

But he was so kicky-y! I was afraid he was going to a)escape or b) be crushed in my hands as I tried to prevent him from escaping. I nearly threw him back at the guy in fear. Still got to stroke his fuzzy head, though.


P.S. I love the pet store guy’s expression. It’s like he’s blowing a kiss to the bunny.