Meet The Doctor Who Writes About Fashion

Balancing medicine and sartorial critiques


I met Kin Woo a year ago at a friend’s going away party in London. We only spoke briefly, but I remembered him well because of his double profession: he’s a doctor who also happens to write the popular fashion column, Insiders, for AnOther Magazine and starting next month will be a  writer-at-large at Dazed, aRead On >>

How To Act Around Prince Harry

Regal Advice from Miss Fine

Prince Harry, aka your future husband?

Dear Miss Fine, I’ve recently moved to London and while I know the odds are slim, I’d like advice on what happens if I do happen to find myself in the company of Prince Harry. What is the protocol for the situation? Do I have to bow to him? Will he give me a cheekRead On >>

The Story of an International Entrepreneur

From China to France to the UK

siqing amsterdam

This is the part of our ongoing series in which we interview people who have interesting jobs and and get them to tell us how they landed them. They will also reveal how they handled the transition to the real world after graduation — Siqing (rhymes with cha-ching!) is fluent in English, French and Mandarin, runs herRead On >>

Best Running Songs Ever

It Will Make You Actually Enjoy Running

running shoes timtak

What is the best running playlist in the world? Tried-and-tested answer below — 1. RILL RILL by Treats. Sometimes you need a song that will make you feel like you are starring in your own music video rather than lumbering around in sneakers and tights. You need a song to transport you out of theRead On >>

Local Forager is a Real Job Title

Get paid to eat artisanal poptarts, oysters and cheese

photo 4 (1)

 This is the first in an ongoing series in which Jess will interview people who have interesting jobs and get them to tell her how they landed them. They will also reveal how they handled the transition to the real world after graduation — I’m still figuring out what I want to do with myRead On >>

Life Lessons from Jeanette Winterson

"I could change the story because I am the story"

jeanette 2

I first discovered Jeanette Winterson’s writing sophomore year at Brown, when Rosabelle (from the book) lent me her copy of Written on The Body. It had been assigned in one of her fiction classes and she kept raving about it. I loved the book so much and had never read anything like it before. BeautifulRead On >>

Dead Man Poet Wisdom

an excerpt cut from the book

estuary small

This is from one of our original emails, but due to copyright issues, it didn’t make it into the book. But the poems are so simple and perfect, that we decided to post it here. Dear Rachel, Some food for thought. This poem recently which made me think of your situation with Paolo. It’s byRead On >>