Paris vs. New York: The Dog Round

The Hounds of New York Vs. The Pooches of Paris

dogs postcard

Credit: Vahram Muratyan

When Rachel saw this postcard, she immediately began questioning her French, because she only knows the above French phrase “une crotte” as, well, a dog’s mess (pardon our French). Either way, it did bring back memories of living in Paris. Our good friend from college just got a puppy and we’re too jealous to even think about this too much (“so, like, the puppy LIVES with her? She has access to a puppy anytime she wants? How is this possible? Why is that not my life?”)

Yep, that’s a link to a dog’s Instagram – that dog is more socially sophisticated than we are.

We digress. Continuing our battle between the City of Lights and Big Apple:


– Small enough to fit in your handbag
– Allowed almost everywhere
– Everything is adorable when it’s tiny

– Easily mistaken for rat
– Cannot be cuddled at risk of crushing
– If your purse looks like ours, easily lost within
– Seems like “une crottes” are freaking everywhere


– Badass mixed breeds
– Social!
– Big enough to cuddle/use as lapdog in winter (and no tiny-dog trembling!)


– So big they take up entire subway car
– Neighbors hate you because of barking
– Dog walker costs approximately $5,000 a week

It’s hard having a dog in a big city, but if you’ve got to do it? Go big or go home. We declare NEW YORK the winner of this round. Better luck next time, PARIS!

And now, here are some London dogs:

dogs are girls best friend

I think they were staring at Rachel and her croissant

dogs dogs dogs dogwalkers joy

That is a BABY stroller in the back – the baby is being licked by 4 dogs and the caretaker seems delighted

I want one. No, two. I want two.