Gilmore Girls Movie?

and 26 signs that prove you, too, are a Gilmore Girl

In case you were wondering about the best thing that’s ever happened to us, it was when Gilmore Girls creator, writer and producer, Amy Sherman-Palladino called us up and told us she loved Graduates in Wonderland and wanted to make our book into a movie. Okay, so that’s not technically a GG movie, but itRead On >>

How to Do London Like a Local

our top ten tips

You already know London. Everyone knows some part of London, and everyone has their own ideas about what it is — based on traveling, studying abroad, living here, or even too many viewings of Notting Hill or Sherlock Holmes. But, saying that you know London is like saying you know the United States — theRead On >>

I Wrote Five Failed Novels


While we were in America, we wrote a lot of articles so we’ll be reposting them here! Here’s one of our favorites, from Rachel, about the pressure to succeed when young and our childhood dreams (originally posted on Huffington Post): My father was almost the next Great American Novelist. That’s what the readers wrote onRead On >>


We're back in London!

AND….that’s a wrap! We’ve chatted with editors and authors and readers across the country on our random hodge-podge book tour from New York City, to Brown, to Milwaukee and Madison and down to Houston! Here are our top highlights: 1) Brown alums of all ages buying our book for their graduating daughters and nieces 2)Read On >>

Houston Thursday June 5!

Last stop on the book tour

Hello! Last stop on our whirlwind book tour is Houston! We’ll be at Brazos Bookstore on June 5 at Brazo’s Bookstore with Evan Wetmore of Houston Magazine Come! We want to meet you! It’s gonna be good. GRADUATES IN WONDERLAND came out this month! Oh, and our daily blogging will return when we get back to London the second weekRead On >>

That Time Jess Visited Rachel in Paris

a Dialogue about the "Lessons" that were learned

Jess: Here’s the primary memory I have of my trip in Paris visiting you. I GOT SCALPED. A FRENCH WOMAN NAMED SANDRENE SCALPED ME. Do you remember this? Rachel: Of course I remember this! How old do you think we are?! That was only a couple of years ago. I remember that you were goingRead On >>

Graduates on Tour

Come visit us!!!

Yes! It’s happening! May 21 – New York – Housing Works Project with Jen Doll May 24 – Providence – Brown Bookstore May 28 – Milwaukee – Boswells with Clare Hanan of Milwaukee Magazine May 29 – Madison – A Room of One’s Own with Katie Vaughn of Madison Magazine June 5 – Houston – Brazo’s Bookstore with EvanRead On >>



Our book, GRADUATES IN WONDERLAND, is finally out today! It’s the story of our post-college years living in Beijing (Jess) and NYC & Paris (Rachel). We’d LOVE to know what you think of it, after you finish (Refinery29 liked it and so did Cosmo and The Hairpin – we hope you do, too)! You canRead On >>

Marathon Man

Paris vs. London (New York was disqualified due to weather)

I had the pleasure of watching Cooky run the Paris marathon last April — and what a pleasure it was. It was early enough that drunk Parisians who had not yet made it to bed stood on the sidelines shouting with me. Just me and a bunch of drunk old French guys, who were veryRead On >>