A Nut Tart from the Roman Era

Baking from a Bygone Era

Hello! I’m currently in Tuscany, where it is beautiful and warm and sunny, but also ripe with snags that I’ve taken to (obnoxiously) calling #tuscanyproblems such as having no hot water, going to various restaurants and grocery stores only to find they are closed just as we need them and getting constantly lost on windy roads up steep hills.

Just as we’re getting the hang of Tuscany, it’s time for us to leave the vineyards behind and head to the the Amalfi Coast.

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Luckily, we’ve eaten very well so far (so well in fact that my jeans are already feeling a little too tight and we’ve only been gone three days!). This is because we have been fortunate enough not to not run into any dessert that resembles the ancient Roman dessert I recreated for The Hairpin this week. However, this nutty tart is a pretty unique culinary delight and you should definitely check out the post to fully appreciate our modern era and relive the Roman life (baths, togas, lounging around, etc).

Full post found here. If you do end up making it, here’s a tip: smother it in Nutella. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past three days and it makes everything “the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”

Buona sera!