Cheese and tomato buttery biscuits

A perfect summer snack

I’m a still-wandering twenty something, and it’s a good week if I manage to plan a full 7 days’ worth of menus and meals. It’s during these organized weeks that I begin to feel like a capable adult. The rest of the time? Well, I muddle through. Busy life, chaotic city, stressful commute – moreRead On >>

Simple Spring Salad with Halloumi

So Easy Even We Could Make It

Spring is here! To me, it’s time for salad: there’s nothing better than fresh, crunchy veggies after months of eating carbs, meat, soup and cheese. But let’s face it – any time of year is perfect for cheese, and my favorite salads often include it as a bit of a cheat. Paired with the powerhouseRead On >>


Sorry We Can't Talk, Our Mouths Are Full of Cake

Sometimes nothing will do but the perfect treat – a hybrid of cake and cookie that is also a French institution and the most literary of the cake/cookies (thanks to Marcel Proust). Madeleines are perfect as a last-minute treats – you’re likely to have all of these ingredients in your pantry and, if not, youRead On >>

A wonderful roasted tomato and pepper soup

Simple things to cook up

We’re well into the transition between winter and spring. For us, daytimes are wonderfully warm in London’s elusive sunshine, but evenings can get bitingly chilly, and this soup works a treat to energize and soothe. With all the flavors of warm summer light, this soup is easy on the wallet and super healthy, too. LoversRead On >>

Happy Pancake Tuesday To You

Birthday Pancake-Cake!

Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras – the day when people wear costumes, engage in debaucherous behavior, dance, throw a parade and then make out with lots of people while wearing rows of beads around their necks. This is otherwise known as the more prim and proper Shrove Tuesday in the UK. Instead of copious amountsRead On >>