Lizzy Caplan Cover Story!

(or things I found while procrastinating on my Lizzy Caplan article)

“I like to collect things. I’m good at it” —

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 1.52.02 AM

Lizzy Caplan, being coooool

As “research” for my cover article about the beautiful Lizzy Caplan (star of Masters of Sex and previously known as playing Janis Ian from Mean Girls), I came across this short funny video of an artistically shot “Fashion Film” spoof by Matthew Frost starring the actress. Enjoy!

Last week I interviewed the actress (who was very cool, as expected), so I guess I’ll get back to finishing my article….

“I just made my art…collage…performance…I’ve been so busy learning about life….”

Graduates in Wonderland is out now.