Paris Vs. New York

The sweet treat round

cupcake 2

Rachel’s currently on the Eurostar headed to Paris, so I’m posting this as a slight protest that I am not on my way to stuff my face full of delicious croissants, macarons (not to be confused with macaroons), and creme brulee. Also, I love this postcard that “someone special” gave Rachel: it reminds me of our book cover (see right).

In this round, I’m going to have to declare the Cupcake as winner, especially if there’s cream cheese frosting involved. But the macaron will always be the prettier one, even if it is just colorful, crunchy bits of sugar and paste molded into a biscuit.

Cooky and I are going to brave the masses at Oxford St now (he’s off work because he went to see the epic football match that happened last night and only arrived back in London this morning).

– original postcard image courtesy of Vahram Muratyan


    • Jessica Pan says

      Macaroons are crunchy sticky bits of crumbly sugar with food coloring. Cupcakes are a substantial snack with FROSTING. You are delusional.

  1. Jori says

    The macarons prettyness lures me in ever time! but then it just taste like eating a pat of butter – ew . BUT this cupcake and macaroon post card is fabulous.