How to Do London Like a Local

our top ten tips

You already know London. Everyone knows some part of London, and everyone has their own ideas about what it is — based on traveling, studying abroad, living here, or even too many viewings of Notting Hill or Sherlock Holmes. But, saying that you know London is like saying you know the United States — theRead On >>

Prepare Nothing When You Move Abroad

Five Reasons To Just Go

“Don’t rest all of your life expectations on one outcome. When you have no expectations, you don’t lose all that money on wasted ribbons and polo shirts. I flew to Beijing without knowing a thing about what to expect or what to bring. Granted, I also had to live without deodorant and the correct prescriptionRead On >>

The 11 Different Kinds Of Paris Lights

And How They'll Make You Feel

While we were in America, we wrote a lot of articles so we’ll be reposting them here! Here’s one of our favorites, from Rachel, about the different kinds of lights you’ll find in Paris (originally posted on Thought Catalog and Huffington Post) –  image – Hervé BRY One of my favorite emotions is pre-emptive nostalgia –Read On >>


We're back in London!

AND….that’s a wrap! We’ve chatted with editors and authors and readers across the country on our random hodge-podge book tour from New York City, to Brown, to Milwaukee and Madison and down to Houston! Here are our top highlights: 1) Brown alums of all ages buying our book for their graduating daughters and nieces 2)Read On >>

How to Get Fat in Paris

Without Even Trying!*

1. Constantly go to cafes. Order coffee. It’ll come with a large jug of full-fat milk and will taste so bitter, you’ll need to douse it in sugar. You’re going to need a croissant to break up the strong flavor of coffee. It’ll be made almost entirely of butter. 2. Buy “souvenirs” for friends andRead On >>

That Time Jess Visited Rachel in Paris

a Dialogue about the "Lessons" that were learned

Jess: Here’s the primary memory I have of my trip in Paris visiting you. I GOT SCALPED. A FRENCH WOMAN NAMED SANDRENE SCALPED ME. Do you remember this? Rachel: Of course I remember this! How old do you think we are?! That was only a couple of years ago. I remember that you were goingRead On >>

Why American Women Fall For British Dudes

The Most Important Article I Have Ever Written

That’s right, I took it upon myself to explore why American women so often love English men, and yet it’s rare to find an American man paired with an English woman (George Clooney’s recent engagement doesn’t count – because George Clooney is the exception to every rule!). ELLE magazine recognized how important this article wasRead On >>

Cheese and tomato buttery biscuits

A perfect summer snack

I’m a still-wandering twenty something, and it’s a good week if I manage to plan a full 7 days’ worth of menus and meals. It’s during these organized weeks that I begin to feel like a capable adult. The rest of the time? Well, I muddle through. Busy life, chaotic city, stressful commute – moreRead On >>

Five Days in Barcelona

beautiful architecture, white beaches and perfect weather

I flew to Barcelona last Thursday to spend a few days with my friend Susanna (we go all the way back to high school). Here are some snapshots (more to come):