English Wildlife

Looking for bunnies

We took a daytrip to Lewes, a tiny village about an hour train ride outside London. All I wanted from the excursion was to find and pet a bunny. It’s Easter – is that so much to ask for (asks the Chinese Jew)? Instead, we went for a hike here: I tread a bit closer…Read On >>


Shot in Paris and Beijing

Our book trailer, filmed in Beijing and Paris, and put together by our good friend Qiao Li. More about the making of it later – for now – enjoy! We hope you like it!!! Love these screenshots:  

Paris vs. New York: The Dog Round

The Hounds of New York Vs. The Pooches of Paris

When Rachel saw this postcard, she immediately began questioning her French, because she only knows the above French phrase “une crotte” as, well, a dog’s mess (pardon our French). Either way, it did bring back memories of living in Paris. Our good friend from college just got a puppy and we’re too jealous to evenRead On >>

“I Was Always In Search of an Adventure”

An International Explorer Talks About His Career Path

This is the part of our ongoing series in which we interview people who have interesting jobs and get them to tell us how they landed them. They will also reveal how they handled the transition to the real world after graduation — Scott Nelson lived upstairs from us our senior year at Brown. When I finallyRead On >>

Happy Pancake Tuesday To You

Birthday Pancake-Cake!

Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras – the day when people wear costumes, engage in debaucherous behavior, dance, throw a parade and then make out with lots of people while wearing rows of beads around their necks. This is otherwise known as the more prim and proper Shrove Tuesday in the UK. Instead of copious amountsRead On >>

“Happy” in Beijing

Pharrell, China-style

One of my friends, Stephy Chung (we were TV reporters at the same station in China), shot this amazing video in Beijing of people dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy.” It’s pretty great. I’m missing Beijing today. More outtakes below:

What Is a Bobo?

Paris vs. New York: Round 4

We have to admit: we stared at this postcard for a long time trying to figure out what the difference between a Bobo and a Hipster is. The only thing it made us do is laugh at the word “bobo.” But, a little digging into the words themselves made things clearer. Bobo actually started outRead On >>

Paris Vs. New York, Round 2

Winter Delights or Snow Disasters

PARIS Snow in Paris is rare, but when it happens, it’s magical. You get a light dusting; anything more than that, as this postcard probably implies (“Five centimeters and it’s panic”) and things shut down. Buses take forever to come, it’s slippery inside everywhere, and everyone declares that this is the “coldest winter Paris hasRead On >>

Eat an (Chocolate) Orange for CNY

A delicious financial solution

It’s still Chinese New Year, which means we are still eating to positively influence our destinies.  Mandarin oranges symbolize the sun and their vibrant color is associated with wealth and prosperity. Personally, I prefer Terry’s Chocolate oranges, because they are delicious. What, you don’t know what a Terry’s chocolate orange is? You haven’t had theRead On >>

Happy Chinese New Year!

AKA Time To Stuff Your Face Full of Dumplings

A few years ago at college, Rachel told me that I should have my own cooking show called “Just Add a Cup of Boiled Water.” In the show, I would showcase all of my most advanced recipes: hot chocolate, instant coffee, ramen noodles and macaroni & cheese. Just add a cup of hot water! Stir.Read On >>