Valentine’s Day Haikus

Pockets of Wisdom

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(If you need some Valentine’s Day tips: flowers or chocolate. Tips over). Now onto the haikus.

February 14th:

Snow, sleet, cold, and dark
Mean pants and tights. ‘Til mid-month:
A reason to shave.       – KM

Valentine’s Day:

House of Cards is back
V-day. No one is as good
In bed as Netflix.       – KM

London Valentine’s Day:

Rain drizzle and rain. 
More rain. What a cruel wet world
Skip V-day. Stay in.

And lastly, the famous haiku with an unknown author:

Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don’t make sense

Special thanks to Kim Mickenberg,a high-flying creative from NYC and haiku-writer extraordinaire, who also makes excellent chocolate banana bread (among other things).

Let’s go eat chocolate now.