Our book, GRADUATES IN WONDERLAND, is finally out today! It’s the story of our post-college years living in Beijing (Jess) and NYC & Paris (Rachel). We’d LOVE to know what you think of it, after you finish (Refinery29 liked it and so did Cosmo and The Hairpin – we hope you do, too)! You canRead On >>

Lily Allen & Me

We're the same age, how is this possible?

Guys! Last month, I interviewed LILY ALLEN for a cover story for a magazine! I’ve loved her music since she appeared on the music scene in 2006, so it was quite surreal to have tea with her inside Claridge’s Hotel in London. Lily Observations: # 1 – she looks so familiar, so it felt totallyRead On >>

The Story of Our Book

An Informal Dialogue

The good people over at Book Country asked us to interview each other about our forthcoming book, Graduates in Wonderland. Here’s a snippet: Rachel: Do you remember the night of our graduation from Brown? Jess: Uh, yes. Obviously. I wasn’t that drunk and we’ve only just turned 29. Rachel: Okay, prove it. What do youRead On >>

13 and 1/2 Things in “About Time” That Are Unbelievable

(Time Travel Hijinks Not Included)

So we’re a little late on this. Sorry. At least we’re not going to make any terrible jokes about time travel to apologize for the fact that this movie came out last August. Just celebrate the fact that it’s now available to rent on iTunes, and be merry. We actually loved this movie. Richard Curtis,Read On >>

Austenland Reviewed

Felicity's Back and She's Falling in Love on an English Estate

Felicity was one of our favorite shows when we were in middle school (whoa 1998!). Like the beginning of our book, the show begins at a graduation: Felicity chases down her crush, Ben, and then throws away her plans to go to Stanford so she can follow him to NYU. That show was nearly perfect,Read On >>

Maybe She’s Born With It (Nope)

Old Hollywood Beauty Tricks

I know what you’re thinking when you’re watching Girls. You’re sitting in front of your laptop or television, eating a bowl of cereal and watching Hannah and Marnie argue. You watch Jessa ruin another man’s life and then you ask yourself: “Who was the Lena Dunham of the 1930s?” Common question. Well, we’re here to tellRead On >>

Noodles Will Bring Us Together

But Football Will Tear Us Apart

Sometimes when my friend Jessica W. (confusing for everyone but us) is really busy at Mama Wang’s, her Chinese food stall in King’s Cross, she enlists me to help out during the lunch traffic rush. My official title (self-given) is “Noodle Girl.” Jessica W. is Noodle Queen (real name). She hand-pulls the elastic dough, bangsRead On >>

Bookshelf Portraits

The Embarrassing Edition

I came across a bookshelf at Rachel’s apartment and had to photograph it because it was too good to be true. It perfectly captured many aspects of her personality and passions in all the ways that they differ from mine. I also laughed out loud when I spotted the book, “Horse Heaven.” What kind ofRead On >>

Life Lessons from Jeanette Winterson

"I could change the story because I am the story"

I first discovered Jeanette Winterson’s writing sophomore year at Brown, when Rosabelle (from the book) lent me her copy of Written on The Body. It had been assigned in one of her fiction classes and she kept raving about it. I loved the book so much and had never read anything like it before. BeautifulRead On >>