Shot in Paris and Beijing

Our book trailer, filmed in Beijing and Paris, and put together by our good friend Qiao Li. More about the making of it later – for now – enjoy! We hope you like it!!! Love these screenshots:  

Paris vs. New York: The Dog Round

The Hounds of New York Vs. The Pooches of Paris

When Rachel saw this postcard, she immediately began questioning her French, because she only knows the above French phrase “une crotte” as, well, a dog’s mess (pardon our French). Either way, it did bring back memories of living in Paris. Our good friend from college just got a puppy and we’re too jealous to evenRead On >>

The Story of Our Book

An Informal Dialogue

The good people over at Book Country asked us to interview each other about our forthcoming book, Graduates in Wonderland. Here’s a snippet: Rachel: Do you remember the night of our graduation from Brown? Jess: Uh, yes. Obviously. I wasn’t that drunk and we’ve only just turned 29. Rachel: Okay, prove it. What do youRead On >>

13 and 1/2 Things in “About Time” That Are Unbelievable

(Time Travel Hijinks Not Included)

So we’re a little late on this. Sorry. At least we’re not going to make any terrible jokes about time travel to apologize for the fact that this movie came out last August. Just celebrate the fact that it’s now available to rent on iTunes, and be merry. We actually loved this movie. Richard Curtis,Read On >>

Brasserie or Le Diner?

Paris vs New York: Round 5

We’d love to regale you with stories of French brasseries and American diners, but the truth is that, when we first took a look at this postcard, we were reminded of things the other way around: American brasseries and French diners. Is there anything more delicious than an authentic taste of home when it’s beenRead On >>

What Is a Bobo?

Paris vs. New York: Round 4

We have to admit: we stared at this postcard for a long time trying to figure out what the difference between a Bobo and a Hipster is. The only thing it made us do is laugh at the word “bobo.” But, a little digging into the words themselves made things clearer. Bobo actually started outRead On >>

Austenland Reviewed

Felicity's Back and She's Falling in Love on an English Estate

Felicity was one of our favorite shows when we were in middle school (whoa 1998!). Like the beginning of our book, the show begins at a graduation: Felicity chases down her crush, Ben, and then throws away her plans to go to Stanford so she can follow him to NYU. That show was nearly perfect,Read On >>

Valentine’s Day Haikus

Pockets of Wisdom

Follow my blog with Bloglovin17 syllables to express our feelings on Valentine’s Day (If you need some Valentine’s Day tips: flowers or chocolate. Tips over). Now onto the haikus. February 14th: Snow, sleet, cold, and dark Mean pants and tights. ‘Til mid-month: A reason to shave.       – KM Valentine’s Day: House ofRead On >>